Copywriting & Content Writing
Whether you need a blog post with keywords incorporated, helpful service descriptions, easy-to-understand app microcopy, or interesting staff biographies, I can write it. No fluff, no filler. The results will be good for your business goals and your audience.
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I love decluttering websites, articles, reports and more. But more importantly, my editing services can make sure your writing is engaging for your customers and prospects, while serving a strategic purpose.
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Social Media
It’s easy to let a week (or more) slip by without posting on social media. Figuring out what to write and keeping up with the latest best practices often leads to analysis paralysis. I can show you how to streamline the process.
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Strategy & Consulting
Want a clear plan or more structure when it comes to communication and marketing? I’ve got you covered. I’ll work with you and for you to create customized content calendars, strategic outlines and step-by-step processes to fill any gaps you may have in the areas below.

  • Social media
  • Email
  • Website content
  • General marketing & communication

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Public Relations
An effective PR strategy involves planning, research and implementation. Unless you have a full-time staff member or team to focus on this, it may be something that’s often pushed to the back burner. Maybe you send out an occasional press release, but there are many more public relations opportunities you can use to your advantage.

I can help you get in front of the right people at the right time.

A good public relations plan can raise awareness about your company’s:

  • Upcoming events
  • Staff promotions and new hires
  • Expansion and acquisitions
  • Significant growth
  • Awards
  • New services, features or products
  • Community involvement
  • Secrets behind your success
  • Uniqueness (in structure, philosophy, offerings, etc.)